Designed by a former Disney employee, the Skyacht One costs 80 million euros despite being a private aircraft (or rather we should say an air yacht), which makes it the most luxurious aircraft in the world. Not only for the price but for its benefits and its luxuries on board. Aerial yacht The Captain’s cabin is a room on the plane lined with quilted suede, with 14th-century maps and even

From the tent to the mattress, what is the essential equipment for camping? Weekends out of town and a summer 2020, still being defined, suggest that the idea of going camping, maybe in a dream location, well equipped and with beautiful swimming pools, can be a good open-air solution to avoid sharing indoor spaces a bit ‘crowded. For a long time it was thought that camping was an ideal holiday

The action is looking heavy out there in the sense that gravity is having its way with stock prices. Read more at After half-percent losses on the open, stocks struggled to gain footing over the next two hours, then turned and headed south throughout the remainder of the session. All the major indices lost at least 1.5%, but again, the tech-heavy Nasdaq indices were hit even harder. Much of the weakness can be blamed on more tough talk from Bernanke who, in a speech to the ABA today, promised that the Fed “will be vigilant to ensure that the recent pattern of elevated monthly core inflation readings is not sustained.” Though lacking the grace of Greenspanesque phraseology, the message is clear: don’t expect us to stop raising rates any time soon.

Ready for the first long car trip with your baby? Do you already have the chosen holiday destination but do you fear the impatience of your children during the road trip to get there? Well, take note. And the jokes and familiar games that we already shared in our childhood in family trips, are still inseparable companions. Luckily, now, we have many more alternatives. So, when the safety requirement is

Go to Holland. Think of endless fields of tulips, cheeses, mills and canals. To visit Amsterdam is to see canals enter the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank house, or Rembrandt’s and also visit streets and areas, but now the mayor of the city is considering closing the Red Light District by tourist harassment. The neighbourhood of the red lights, the curtains and the women behind shop

These have been the words of the spokesman of the State Agency of Innovation and that they have left us a little with a span of noses because we had swallowed everything. With this, time will continue to exist in Sommar, since everything was an advertising campaign that got out of hand. We believed the idyllic situation, the small population of Norway skimming the Arctic Circle in which it does

Ferrara is known for the buildings that its rulers ordered to build in the Renaissance, the Este family, such as Estense Castle in its historic centre, while Comacchio is for its canals, which make it “the little Venice of the Delta del Po”. The video is a tour of the natural environment of Ferrara and province, for its main monuments, such as the Palace of diamonds, the Palazzo del Comune

Risco Caído and the sacred mountains of Gran Canaria are a World Heritage Site, a recognition that makes us happy and that encourages us to know a little more about these treasures. The decision was taken at the 43rd World Heritage Committee that Unesco holds in Azerbaijan with delegations from 195 countries. With this declaration is attached to Risco Caído and the sacred mountains of Gran Canaria to the category

When the middle of July approaches, many are already on vacation and some are still (we are) counting the days to take ours, so the ideas of our fellow travellers with suggestions for those who have not yet organized their vacations, they come in handy. Trips through Spain trips to Europe and some long-distance trips for those who have more days are the proposals of the blogs and travel websites

The Stone Forest or Shilin is a remarkable group of limestone formations located in the autonomous county of Shilin Yi, in the province of Yunnan, People’s Republic of China, about 86 kilometres from Kunming, the provincial capital. Many of the tall rocks look like petrified trees that together create the illusion of a forest made of stone. In 2007 two parts of the site, the stone forest of Naigu and