Go to Holland. Think of endless fields of tulips, cheeses, mills and canals. To visit Amsterdam is to see canals enter the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank house, or Rembrandt’s and also visit streets and areas, but now the mayor of the city is considering closing the Red Light District by tourist harassment.

The neighbourhood of the red lights, the curtains and the women behind shop windows is no longer of this century, let alone the way people behave. Tourists crowd, take pictures, hit the glass and make fun of sex workers, together with the increase in crime, which has led to the debate of the closure of this “typical” place in Amsterdam.

The tourist attraction was making the neighbourhood impracticable for residents and sex workers and the licenses of the guides have already been reduced. No group visits as crazy as a walk through the Roman Colosseum: few and with reduced hours. Likewise, another series of measures ranging from total closure to the search for less radical solutions are being evaluated.

The sex workers of De Wallen, which is how the neighbourhood is known, insist on defending their profession, demanding recognition of their rights as autonomous. For its part, from the city, the first mayor who has the city wants to find practical solutions : “I only have three conditions: improve the human rights of sex workers, and reduce crime and nuisance,” although it is true that is a profession and a practice that raises blisters in relation to its treatment. However, he maintains that it is not his intention to expel the workers of the city but to improve their conditions.

On the other hand, one of the reasons for this overcrowding and lack of respect for the visits of the neighborhood is a common evil that affects the entire city: the increase in low-cost tourism associated with bachelor parties , in massive groups of tourists drunk who throw bicycles to the canals and drink in the street, although it is forbidden, and in which the spirits are unhealthy fun and not at all respectful with the environment of the Red Light District . We will continue to pay attention to all the news about the measures to be taken.

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