These have been the words of the spokesman of the State Agency of Innovation and that they have left us a little with a span of noses because we had swallowed everything. With this, time will continue to exist in Sommar, since everything was an advertising campaign that got out of hand.

We believed the idyllic situation, the small population of Norway skimming the Arctic Circle in which it does not get dark in two months and in which people make their lives regardless of the time it is because what marks their lives is light. Well, everything was a lie.

Everything was born from our proposal to launch a campaign, the Sommar people were enthusiastic and wanted to participate. The problem was not to make it clear that we were behind and that it was not an initiative of the neighbours.

With this, they make it clear that it was an advertising campaign that they did not explain as such but presented as if it were true information. If you go to Sommar you will have to follow schedules, yes there will be an hour for the check-in and the check-out of the hotel and in the shops, you will not open the door at 4 in the morning if you fancy a packet of chips. The problem arose from the press release that Visit Norway sent to all the major media in the world as if it were true news: the 300 inhabitants of Sommar, with its 69 days of total light per year and its 69 of darkness, had signed a proposal to eliminate schedules and watches. All illustrated with cheerful photos of the delivery of signatures in the parliament and watches on the bridge. No trace of a miserable footnote saying that it was very original advertising.

What remains now is this rectification and this request for forgiveness from the State Innovation Agency, making it clear that they will not do anything similar and wait for the remnants of the campaign to go out and what it sounds like is that retreat. Of course, in no time we have taken away the desire to visit Sommar right?

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