Choose your best running pants and running apparel based on your personal preference. The main thing is that you are as comfortable in these clothes as possible so that it does not hinder your movements and does not interfere with your running. 

The beauty of clothing also plays an important role, but still a minor one. Complete freedom of action and convenience come to the fore!

Fundamental rules

Important points to look out for when choosing running clothing:

  • Do not choose clothes made from pure cotton as they absorb moisture and make the clothes heavy, uncomfortable, and ugly.
  • Choose material with Dri-Fit Technology, a new generation synthetic material that does not absorb moisture, but passes it through its structure and brings it to the surface, forcing it to instantly evaporate. These running clothes wick moisture away from the skin while leaving the skin dry, and excess moisture is removed to the outside without lingering. Therefore, jogging will be as convenient and comfortable as possible for you.
  • Clothes should have inserts for better ventilation. These can be mesh inserts.
  • Garments should have flat seams to reduce irritation and chafing.
  • The fabric of the garment should be elastic so as not to hinder movement.
  • For jogging, choose loose-fitting clothing in which it will be convenient and comfortable for you to do sports.
  • Running clothes should be lightweight so as not to cause discomfort.

Jogging clothes will vary depending on the season and weather. You should not choose several layers of clothing for running in the summer, so as not to overheat and not dehydrate the body during intense sweating. Likewise, it is not recommended to run in one T-shirt in winter, or vice versa – to keep warm so that at the first stop you do not freeze in wet clothes.

Choosing clothes for running correctly and according to the season:


 In summer, dress as lightly as possible to avoid heatstroke. A lightweight top and shorts are perfect for this. Important! Don’t buy 100% cotton t-shirts for running. Cotton quickly absorbs and retains moisture, which makes the shirt heavy and not pretty. Also, special attention should be paid to the seams of the clothing. They shouldn’t rub the body.

Do not use a tight, tight T-shirt for running, even if your figure looks great in it. This can cause skin irritation or even damage. It is better to choose T-shirts or T-shirts made of mixed materials that do not absorb moisture, provide good breathability, and quick evaporation of sweat from the skin.

Also, do not forget about the headdress, especially during the heat, when the sun is shining brightly. The best option is a bandana. If the weather is cool and windy, then you can wear light tracksuit.


In winter, you need to choose clothes that will warm you in the cold and at the same time provide freedom and comfort while running. In cold weather, wear multiple layers of clothing so you can remove layer by layer as you warm up during your run:

  • The very first layer of clothing that comes in contact with your body should wick away moisture well and not allow it to accumulate so that you do not freeze. It is best to use special high-tech thermal underwear,  in which you will always be warm and dry!
  • Then you need to wear a  T-shirt, sweatshirt or thin fleece.
  • Finally, a lightweight blazer. It is advisable that the jacket has windproof inserts on the chest and ventilation inserts under the arms and on the back. On the legs are light sweatpants.

Don’t forget a hat, gloves, and warm socks to keep your limbs warm. Sneakers should be laced well and tightly to avoid getting snow in them. It is also advisable to hide your face so as not to freeze the skin.

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