When the middle of July approaches, many are already on vacation and some are still (we are) counting the days to take ours, so the ideas of our fellow travellers with suggestions for those who have not yet organized their vacations, they come in handy.

Trips through Spain trips to Europe and some long-distance trips for those who have more days are the proposals of the blogs and travel websites that we have selected this week. Accompany us and perhaps you will discover your dream destination.

  • We begin our journey with trips through Spanish territory. With the blog Prepare suitcases, we go to Cáceres, to discover what can be done and what there is to see in this medieval city.
  • We are now going to Granada, where we visit the Albaicín, a World Heritage Site, in the company of the blog Zarpar and camper, rescuing one of its long-standing publications, which may be useful for this journey.
  • We finish our trips through Spain, discovering the beauty of the lavender fields in Guadalajara, taking advantage of the advice of Guias Viajar, which gives us the keys to locate them and attend the peculiar Lavender Festival.
  • We continue to travel a little longer, now out of Spain, for those who have the opportunity to leave a few days. They are trips or escapades like the one that Miguel proposes to us in Como at home in any place, that they send us to discover the Viking routes of Denmark.
  • We now follow the advice of Alan for the World and with his Basic Guide, we organize ourselves perfectly to discover Belgium and Luxembourg, on a trip through the European areas where the community institutions are.
  • In the blog of Hasta luego Mari Puri, we found what it takes to prepare a short trip to Budapest without missing the most interesting part of this European capital when we only have one weekend to visit it.
  • If we do not have a lot of time and we are going to travel to the United States, it will be good for us to have information to take advantage of each day. If on your trip you have included Boston, the visitor guide for a couple of days trip from Caracol Viajero will solve many doubts.
  • With Patricia from La Cosmopolilla, we enter the fascinating world of Jordan, discovering what we can do in a day in Amman. Surely you will be surprised by the possibilities that this destination has, besides being a way to get to Petra, the Dead Sea and other attractions of the country.
  • In the company of Wandering around mundópolis, we undertake one of the most exciting trips in the Middle East, getting to know Iran and there the city ​​of Naqsh-e Rostam where the necropolis of the Achaemenid Kings shows us, an interesting plan to discover this area of ​​the world.

This is how our Road Partner section ends this week. If you have a blog or travel website or you know one that you would like us to include in our section, please contact us to send us your URL and the editorial team will assess its inclusion in the coming weeks.

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