Designed by a former Disney employee, the Skyacht One costs 80 million euros despite being a private aircraft (or rather we should say an air yacht), which makes it the most luxurious aircraft in the world. Not only for the price but for its benefits and its luxuries on board.

Aerial yacht

The Captain’s cabin is a room on the plane lined with quilted suede, with 14th-century maps and even a secret sliding door. Actually, more than a plane, it resembles a yacht: soft carpets, noble woods, a mural based on 15th-century ducal palaces, a spa and even a movie theatre.

A master bathroom with a nautical-inspired faucet over a walnut and brass sink. The walls, lined with teak and mahogany, contrast with the malachite countertops and brass ornaments.

The Lineage 1000E model from Embraer Executive Jets, a company specialized in luxury jets. It is the most luxurious private jet in the world, its interior design is inspired by a classic and exclusive 1939 yacht, the Thunderbird.

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