Peace, that’s all many people want when they plan vacations. Secluded places where you can enjoy nature while seeing free animals and breathing fresh air. We have found the perfect place for the total rural disconnection is in Asturias and it is called Chao de Castro. 

An old village house renovated and rebuilt respecting the entire structure and original materials, with its stone walls and wooden beams. In Riodeporcos, Ibias, but right in the “raia” that draws the Navia in Lugo. On one side Galicia and on the other side Asturias and linked by a suspension bridge.

We go there with the way to get to the rural house: walking, from Galicia. But if you go to Asturias? Yes, but we have already told you that it is on the other side of a bridge, so it’s time to walk those last meters because you have to park on the Galician shore. If the suitcases are very heavy from the rural house they offer to help you cross them with a wheelbarrow. Because yes, they are going to look for you on the other side of the river and they provide all the help of the world so that you can get there while you have mobile coverage.

Each of the corners of the house is full of charm, designed to make you feel like your own home and to find that rest and inner peace that the landscape in which it is framed offers you. In the common areas, there is a beautiful wooden living room presided by the staircase that leads to the rooms. Books, comfortable sofas and fireplace can you ask for more?

The house is rented by rooms and has a capacity of up to 9 people. In total there are five bedrooms and to round off the wonderful experience you can arrange lunch or dinner with typical products of the area. The one in this picture is “Labyrinth”, a double room that includes a small door made by the little ones and that leads to a tiny world with two little beds for them.

“Flor de Luna” is the most romantic, for couples who wish to live a special moment and the other three are “Espiral”, “Estrella” and “Sol”. Precious names for a perfect break.

Right next to the house there is a storehouse where you can find products made with what they gather in their gardens, such as jams, sauces with tomatoes, chestnuts and figs, honey, brandy and handcrafted leather crafts, such as purses, bags.

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