From the tent to the mattress, what is the essential equipment for camping? Weekends out of town and a summer 2020, still being defined, suggest that the idea of going camping, maybe in a dream location, well equipped and with beautiful swimming pools, can be a good open-air solution to avoid sharing indoor spaces a bit ‘crowded. For a long time it was thought that camping was an ideal holiday

Ready for the first long car trip with your baby? Do you already have the chosen holiday destination but do you fear the impatience of your children during the road trip to get there? Well, take note. And the jokes and familiar games that we already shared in our childhood in family trips, are still inseparable companions. Luckily, now, we have many more alternatives. So, when the safety requirement is

Designed by a former Disney employee, the Skyacht One costs 80 million euros despite being a private aircraft (or rather we should say an air yacht), which makes it the most luxurious aircraft in the world. Not only for the price but for its benefits and its luxuries on board. Aerial yacht The Captain’s cabin is a room on the plane lined with quilted suede, with 14th-century maps and even