Imagine that you want to go to rest in the middle of nature, admiring one of the protected places of the United Kingdom and feeling in a certain way as one of the protagonists of a Jane Austen novel. So far everything sounds fantastic, but if in addition, the yoga sums with lemurs and a walk with alpacas you will have the extras of Armathwaite Hall, a hotel in the Lake District.

The goal is to de-stress, right? because there they try it with all the available weapons, novelties we would say. On the other hand, the wonderful environment of the Lake District and we would have to convince to visit this accommodation whose foundations go beyond the sixteenth century, in a place where princes passed and now offers rest.

Of course, the “lemoga” or the alpacas walk or go to caress meerkats is not the primary activity of the Armathwaite Hall since it offers a first class accommodation in a privileged enclave. All the experience of a quiet British hotel but achieving excellence. Luxury is everywhere, in small rooms or in family rooms. In total, they have 8 types of rooms.

Studios, Deluxe rooms with lake views, superior spa and spa rooms with courtyard views, deluxe rooms, superior rooms, club and family rooms. If you do not find yours with so much variety, whether to rest or have fun, alone or as a family, you are a complicated person. Everything in them is taken care of by the millimetre, with the amenities that can be expected from such a place and that include from breakfast in bed to fresh fruit on arrival, bathrobes, cotton sheets egípcio…

The proposed activities

The fact of being in the heart of the Lake District favours more than outside activities, where everyone is sure to find something that motivates and leads to despair. From walking through the countryside to fishing, going for canoeing or kayaking or even launching into the noble art of archery.

Yes, engaging in yoga outdoors with the help of the friendly lemurs that reproduce (some of) your movements can be the perfect touch for an activity that is already recommended. Seriously, I’m considering going only for this particular activity.

We used to say about alpacas as if it were a wool dog, but they can also be included in other activities, such as making them participants in the wedding that you decide to organize in Brathwaite Hall: exceptional food, bridesmaids and smiling alpacas It does not sound bad.

In addition to all this you can also walk through the natural park , live the experience of becoming one of the caretakers of animals in the protected area, engage in falconry , clay pigeon shooting, bicycle rides, photography courses … all at prices not really too high, which will encourage you to sign up and also tend to be for very few people. From € 55 you can already make any of them.

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